Environmental Market Solutions Lab [emLab]

Market-based solutions for efficient and equitable environmental outcomes

The Environmental Market Solutions Lab (emLab) is an interdisciplinary team of economists and scientists based at UC Santa Barbara dedicated to bringing market-based solutions to the world's most pressing environmental problems. We deliver cutting-edge research and innovative policy solutions by combining economic principles, ecological insights, and big-data analytics.

group of fish in fresh water


Improving the sustainability of marine resources and coastal communities

land solutions pillar photo


Balancing multiple ecosystem services from the land

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Informing and advancing smart and equitable climate solutions

A persistent barrier to the sustainability of natural resources stems from the common assumption that there is an inherent tradeoff between conservation and socio-economic goals. We believe the opposite--that conservation does not have to come at a high price. emLab works to better align conservation and economic incentives to improve the health, well-being, and resilience of communities around the world.